Exclusive: NYPD To Hunt For Drones During Pope Francis' Visit In The Fall - CBS Local

Sources told CBS2 the unprecedented measures will include:

* The hunt regarding drones

Penn Station may be the busiest train station throughout North America, by incorporating 600,000 commuters making use of your 6 subway lines, your Lengthy Island Rail Road, NJ Transit and Amtrak. It will be comparable towards the plan utilized throughout the 2004 Republican convention when President George W. Thus Pope Francis' program to supply Mass correct higher than your station in Madison Square Garden with 6 p.m. Bush spoke. that time, police closed:

* Most four subway entrances in Eighth along with 33rd for your A, C along with E trains

And although so far there may be no particular thrat, officials are worred regarding ISIS, al Qaeda along with lone wolves, Kramer reported.

* Sniper teams together with long rifles http://papst-in-deutschland.net in rooftops

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- part of the program to keep Pope Francis safe throughout his The Huge Apple Metropolis visit would be to develop a safety net thus tight which countless thousands of rush hour commuters may well want divine intervention to get home.

* the a couple of entrances inside the middle associated with the block -- the previous taxiway

Counter-sniper teams, frozen zones with regard to cars along with pedestrians and also radiation detectors tend to be expected. 25, correct in the middle associated with rush hour, features law enforcment officials upon hyper drive, worried about terrorism.

Kramer was told exclusive details by what officials say is "unprecedented" safety for your papal visit.

* Enormous frozen zones for vehicular along with pedestrian traffic

"If so when pope will get out of his previously exposd vehicle as well as tries to mingle with the crowd, could there potentially be somebody there which is set upon hurting him -- that is actually the wild card law enforcement can't anticipate," Gomez said.

* Each entrances to Amtrak in Eighth Avenue, from 31st and at 33rd streets

And whilst Penn Station will be a new challenge for you to negotiate, the particular LIRR will add additional trains pertaining to people who want to show up at your Mass.

'Unprecedented' Safety In Tap Pertaining To Sept. 24-26, Kramer reported.

Federal, state and also local officials have been operating using the Swiss Guard since January upon promises to protect the particular pope. in Sept.

Pope Francis will be within Ny from Sept. 25 Mass In Madison Square Garden July 31, 2015 7:30 PM

* Helicopter to look regarding gunmen

"You could potentially put a number of sort of bomb, explosive device there," safety expert manny Gomez advised Kramer.

Sources informed CBS2 that officials are generally working about a strategy to close station entrances and possess trains bypass Penn Station as the pope will be there. (Pope Francis) is a various knid regarding person. CBS2's Marcia Kramer has learned there's even a request for your Metropolitan Transportation Authority in order to shut down Midtown trains.

* Cameras and radiation detectors

"That's a new real concern regarding us. He likes to get out and be with people and thus we're going being monitoring the airspace for any drone activity," NYPD Deputy Chief Salvatore DiPace said.

As your pope's visit approaches, sources advised Kramer your NYPD will conduct random bomb sweeps in just about any way the places the Holy Father is actually scheduled being at.

* Absolutely No truck visitors no parking before and in the actual course of events

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